Why is Hindu The First Tiller of The Indian Soil?

As a simple man who loves this vast sub-continent and its culture I have cherished the vast places and the diversity of the nation to look for the cultural depth. Right from the North to the South, and from the West and not to the East, there is a single strain found in peoples barring few places where Abrahamic ideologies have taken ground, that strain is the Hindu way of life or culture.

This land of Hindustan/ Bharat is a home to one of the world’s oldest surviving civilisation today, while all the other civilisations have come to be annihilated in the due course of time. In the realm of theology if we see the Indian sub-continent has its wisdom tracing itself back to not just this land but even the Greeks, the Romans, Incans, Aztecs, Egyptians and others have a lot of similarities when we come to define what is the Vedic period. Our concepts though are unique to the entire mankind. We simply tend to find the refelections of the soul more than restricitng our mind to the material life.

The Hindu scriptures ordain a life which is endowed with a purpose, and that purpose is Moksha or Nirvana, we settle at nothing less than complete salvation. This spirit and zeal of life is uncommon to all other major religions that we find in India, and it is this land which finds a love and a regard in the philosophies born here where we treat this piece of land as our mother and revere the natural richness as the one that springs forth human life into action.

Without knowing the meaning of the term Hindu we shall do a great disservice to all the ideas of this soil since the western imperialists tended to segregate Vedic Brahmanists, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists as distinct religious philosophies altogether, which is not the real case. The basic idea of a Hindu way of life is to stay attuned to the divine and puruse a life to attain Moksha or Nrivana, and this philosophy has many distinct ways to be reached!

What does the term Hindu mean?

There is a variety of literature written by many people and thinkers on what the term means yet the simple meaning that may be appended to the term has to mean people sharing the goal of life as moksha or nirvana, all are Hindus. None of the religions possibly lay down any ideal where one can live a life to attain the supreme goal while in this sub-continent all the theological literature gives a method to do so.

Hindu therefore means a Vedic Brahmin, a Sanatani, a Arya Samaji, a Sikh, a Buddhist, a Jain, a Shaivaite or a Vaishanva, a Nirankari, a Satsangi, a Vairaagi, or a complete Atheist or any monotheist who aims to attain complete salvation.

The political definition of Hindu serves no purpose in my dictionary, nor do I plan to fall into its trap since it creates delusions for administrative efficacy!

During the CAA and NRC protests I was pondering upon the question that how if Muslims and their sympathisers go on to finish or dominate the normal discourse of our society where will the strain that pervades this sub-continent be left with a place to preserve itself and flourish?

Also it is a stark observation where I see that Jews, Chrisitians and Muslims have no land of their own which is spiritually or culturally their own to say! These people are not the ideological creators of any innovations except when the Christian scientists broke-off from the Church and began inventing things. So much so that all the traditions and cultural norms prevailing in these societies in respective regions across the world show evolving customs and rituals of those places getting absorbed into their conscious, while they made it a point to destroy the proof of everything that existed before them, and took cues to lead the massed further with their own adaptations and modifications of the lifestyle, culinary arts, medicine, science, art, literature and other things which depicts the level of innovative capacities these Abrahamists lack.

The Indian soil is exclusive to the Hindus, and this is far more the only community which has never held any ideas close to its chest which would have led to imperial or global dominance like the kind the west or even the Chinese practice.

A spectacular feature thus comes to our observation about Jews, Christians and Muslims that they don’t share any love for the soils they live in, except the fact that after several years of nationalist propaganda and wars they have come to adopt nation-hood, while they are people with no land to be claimed as their spiritual and cultural home, while when we look at the Hindu corpus, we find complete theology embarcing at all instances this sub-continent in its entirety.

The CAA & NRC protests brought me to look at the question that how in India the Muslims & Christians tried to preserve a state of their own that is being governed from Mecca & Jerusalem instead of this sacred land. Their only interest in this land is restricted to self-preservation and love for personal property. Muslims per se are the most religiously closed community and it is the Muslims and their sympathisers who act as deterrents and opponents to the evolution and development of Hindu Nationalist conscience.

The Hindu way of life makes it more personal in nature for its adherents to pursue a life of peace rather than a life with guns, which is one reason we have never had any armed rebellions and any such thing as Hindu Terror, or Fascism in India, which remains a paranoid theory of the West and the like-minded intellectuals of India who believe that the Imperial masters were right.

The Westernistation that is annihilating this civilisation is a cause of concern, and this is also leading to a stagnation to the constructive evolution of the Hindu corpus whereby we can see the Hindus evolving together, consolidating themselves into a consolidated socio-politcal body, a.k.a a nation state.

This land which sees the entire area from the south-east Asian countries to the places as far as Iran and Afghanistan mentioned in its religious scriptures needs to be preserved in the modern day politcal state known as India for all purposes that relate to preservation, growth and development of the world’s greatest minority group today!

The Hindu body is one of the most vulnerable and persecuted religious group of the world which is not seen or acknowledged by the Humanists of the West, and it seems like some sort of a collective conspiracy which keeps the Hindus in check and persecuted if not physically then psychologically.

The West tries to dictates its terms to the Hindus and they hardly care for any Hindu when Muslims kill them and pursue anti-State activities.

All the political parties may try to fit in the Constitution which is purely anti-Hindu in its perspective, yet they forget, that this is a land exclusively of the Hindus, and nobody else.

If there is a need to preserve the ideological roots of it some day then there will be a civil war, and it mgiht be armed as well, since the war will preserve the land and lead to preservation and evolution of its cultural identity. Every Hindu who will losse his blood for this land, and toil to resist the oppression of the west will know what did it take to make an Israel for the Hindus.

Therefore, just purely because this is the spiritual and the maternal land for the Hindus (Vedic Brahamanists, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains) it is first their right to reap all the benefits in this land, and a very striking feature about Christians and Muslims here is that all the people who are proud adherents of these two religions are again converts from the Hindu corpus only, though for reasons they feel shy of accepting the bitter truth, and remain as they are, yet, it shall not be for long.