Charter of the Bharatiya Socialist Party

Looking at the past experiments with Socialism in India, and the current experience with Nationalist Socialism and the rampant rise of mass conflicts under the scheme of liberalised economic system introduced in India post 1992, and the tragic mass privatisation of the Indian economy being pursued by the Nationalists this inspires me to draft the Charter of the Bharatiya Socialist Party.

The Bharatiya Socialist movement rejects in toto the maxims of the existing political parties and believes in the theory of mass struggle as laid down by Veer Savarkar, Subhash Chandra Bose and MS Golwalkar based on the principles of Socialism as envisioned by JP Babu. The political activity shall be solely based on the wisdom of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji who has been the honest disciple of the above persons.

The party and it’s comrades aim to see and bring actual socioeconomic changes in the lives of our people by initiating and pushing ahead with Revolution in the following domains of our national life:

  1. Political Revolution.
  2. Economic Revolution.
  3. Social Revolution.
  4. Cultural Revolution.
  5. Intellectual Revolution.
  6. Legal Revolution.
  7. Educational Revolution.
  8. Spiritual Revolution.

The foremost task to be undertaken by our “Red Shirt” comrades will be to help enlighten all the people of this subcontinent about the cultural heritage of this land, where all of us no matter which religious ideology we ascribe to, or whichever language we speak, or wherever we come from, we are the sons of this soil which is our mother. All the religious ideologies culminate in the spiritual growth of the human being, and all people even if they are Abrahamists today we’re originally Sanatanis and they must share the regard for the beliefs of the majority populace.

The current political, and economic order has started to show its faults and is not working for us as a people. The strand of modernism has to be tied around us, and the spirit of one nation and one people has to give effect to a one pointed effort at the Revolution.

The Revolution shall ensure Justice in- Political, Economic, Social, Cultural, Intellctual, Legal, Education and Spiritual life of our people as a nation along with Empowering the People beyond Economic Status.

The Revolution shall deliver “Absolute Power to The People” and none else above or beneath the “People”.

The comrades shall strive at all times to deliver on the aforesaid points of this Charter, and will use all the means possible to deliver the goal of the Charter on the basis of the means suited to and desired by the “masses”.