Civilisational Supremacy of the Hindus

It is a matter of concern today that since the British left India, our education system always had the nerve to follow the west and disseminate the same ideas while the people of India and their cultural heritage was pushed to a backburner by being branded as “outdated’, ‘rigid’ and “rustic”.

The educated Indians since times immemorial have gone to the foreign lands and have created an outpour against the civilisational richness by viewing the normal lives and their phenomenon from a dirty western lens.

The Hindu civilisation is one of the oldest and most flourishing civilisation in the world today. This civilisation has expanded itself in various forms and has been under attack of various foreigners who have time and again tried to crush and destroy the culture of this sub-continent, yet it is the genetic strand which is peculiar to all the people from the Akhand Bharat to sustain and survive in the harshest and most extreme of situations. This is one reason why we see many persons of Indian origin reaching influential places today in the world. The only thing that lacks in most of them is their confidence in their own civilisational values and roots, which was absent as a result of which many of them dopted Christianity so that they are more like the people they live in!

Yet, Hindu culture is that reservoir which has given the world a lot of theories and scientific thought which was available in our scriptures. The literature that has been attacked for years is also reflective of a society with a high intellectual culture and noble frame of the mind.

The time tested methods of living the daily life that have been enunciated in the Hindu scriptures is one of the most important reasons which are not found anywhere around the globe. It is for this reason and the civilisational current that make Hindus the most intellectually rich and advanced societies of the world.

The Hindu temperament for ages has been of peaceful co-existence and warring for empires and domination was not favoured since we have had a rich evolution of political philosophy. It is the same political philosophy that led noble Hindu men forge arrangements with the foreign invaders and establish co-existing empires with Hindu nobles and kings.

The cultural richness also is inspired by advanced systems of business and coinage alongwith insurance and banking prevailing in the past. The genius of this civilisation can be also found in a variety of warfare machinery and medicinal advancements which were prevalent in our society. It is said that ayurvedacharyas were competent to perform most complex modern surgeries with simple instruments and herbs!

The innate genius in the Hindu civilisational sphere is not just restricted to the fields of engineering, medicine and law, but theology and spiritual sciences have also been given over in the vastness that will consume all the religions of the world as available in some or the other school of thought.

The civilisational supremacy makes Hinduism a resilient and time tested way of life, which is the iconoclast of “Ahimsa” doctrine which means the first policy of Hindu kings and our generations has been to avoid wars, since the spiritual advancement has had an impact on our civilisation, we have seen rulers like Ashoka and Samdrugupta taking to spiritual paths after the most impactful wars of their reign.

It is this philosophy which has never led to any imperialist tendencies erupting in this part of the world, moreso the main reason has been the lack of excessive materialist tendencies in our population which is one reason we have the Hindu civilisation as producing one of the world’s best producers in various fields.

The true cultural genius when united under one single camp, and purged of all ideological infections shall give brith to the real Vishwa Guru Bharat, and that Bharat is yet to be born.