Civilisational Wars

It is when we just got out of the political clutches of the minority majoritarianism, when we see a government in Tamil Nadu comes up which promotes Christianity openly, not that we have had this same treatment with Moslems all over in the northern part of this country.

The recent incident at Shaheen Bagh, where we saw the administration was brought to its heels on more than one occasion is not just shameful but a blot on a nation that boasts of implementing Rule of Law.

The judiciary, it is governed by laws but the socialist mindset with which we go out deciding the issues relating to religious minorities who spread venom publicly against Hindus, and then condemn the majority and ridicule the very few men from the saffron community who stand up and say things to arouse the collective consciousness of the Hindu community are branded as spreading hatred, while, Moslems and Christians are allowed to do as they please, like a spoilt brat.

The civilisation, it is a very simple word which means something for every religious community residing in the Indian subcontinent. But, unfortunately what it means to Hindus, Buddhists, Jainis and Sikhs (not calling these separate religions) is something no Moslem or a Christian will ever connect to!

Right from the times when we had the Islamic invaders, and then Christian traders, we the natives of the Indian subcontinent have been at a civilisational war with the Abrahamic belief system.

This civilisational war has been there ever since we had foreigners landing up our soil, and it has continued till the present day. We may have been caught up in the web of the material world trying to compete with our times and build might on the basis of wealth, but this will make the majority community loose one day to the foreigners who are inside our heads today through books, literature, music, art and culture.

The State that we live in was imposed upon the people who had never dared to fight the civilisational war.

I wonder when people who repose immense faith in the RSS and the BJP to be responsible for not just protecting their civilisation, but also their lives, fail to see that the RSS-BJP will not be able to give them the Hindu nation they want.

Sri Guru ji disseminated an idea that had its roots in the Gandhian philosophy, but look around, Gandhian philosophy today is the currency bill.

The civilisational war has to be fought on many fronts, and it is not just matter of one day, we will have to look and see what other nations did when they fought for their self realisation during the times of immense crises, when they were led to their glory by a leader.

The Vatican canonised a Tamilian Brahmin convert to Christianity, now such things will add fuel to the ever burning flame of civilisational wars.

Will the BJP-RSS do something in Tamil Nadu or Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Kashmir, Okhla, West Bengal, Western UP? The RSS with its lathi weilding men will not be able to resist the men we have who pelt stones, use grenades, RPGs and automatic rifles, the State machinery will also not be able to deliver justice to the Civilisation if it does not carry the name of the civilisation in its sinews.

The BJP talks of historical wrongs, there is just not one historical wrong that the Congress and its leaders inflicted upon the nation and the Civilisation.

Now, coming over to the Vatican and Mecca supporting their brothers and their activities in the Indian subcontinent, look at what they have built all around us, and imagine the funding that comes from Vatican and Mecca, it is more than the Civilisational minorities will ever be able to afford.

How do we tend to win the Civilisational war then?

The answer lies in very simple things that the BJP and RSS might choose to turn a blind eye to, but very simply put, if Mamta Banerjee with her goons decided to get the saffron soldiers killed, we must use some Divine forces to tackle the green and the blue warrior, but yes, the media must not be allowed to flash it on the TV or report it in their newspapers. For this also we will need some soldiers and government agencies to work together.

We don’t win wars without any action or resistance in 2022. We win them by deploying efficient means.