Communalism: The Congress and BJP Legacy

I don’t intend to hurt the feelings of either the Hindus, or the Mussalman, but I need to say it, we are not secular in our heads. This is clearly evident from the incidents that just happened over the last few days over the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 and the proposed implementation of the National Register of Citizens, the framework of which is not even prepared yet this author is clueless about what to say when my peers Muslim peers asked weird questions, which were illusory.

#IndiaRejectsCAA, #IndiaSupportsCAA, #IndiaAgainstViolence, these are the hashtags that all of us can see trending on twitter! Yet what is the actual story, or rather the psychology behind the political conundrum, this article will give a narrow peek into the reality.

The megalomaniacs Nehru & Jinnah!
  1. Pre-Independence Communalism: Government of India Act, 1935, laid the actual basis of political slugfest in the offing for the world’s largest democracy to be, and in 1937, the Hindu Mahasabha, Muslim League and the RSS pushed themselves towards extreme communalism. While the majority intellectuals of the 1930s were left-leaning, as a product of which a Nehruvian Socialist model was evolved to run the country post-1947. But, the vote-bank game, which was there to be played, and the English, who had mastered divide and rule, they played with all the stake-holders, in an attempt to be free and fair, and it was simple they just induced an element of fear, which was backed by more the people who came into contact with the ideas! The Muslim League/ Jinnah, and Madan Mohan Malviya became leaders known for staunch views, and extremists like V.D. Savarkar, they influenced people, but none of them could outdo Gandhi’s appeal and Nehru’s vision! Communalism, be it Hindu, Muslim or Sikh, whatever, was perceived as a threat, and was based on the idea that Hindus & Muslims cannot co-exist together since they were different from each other, but the wider consensus in Congress and its leaders was that the social, economic, and political interests of all the people in the sub-continent were similar. Thus when Pakistan and India were born, there one was like the Israel for Hindustani Mussalmaan, and India was a land for all, exactly like the British made it work! Hindus by and large believed that it is their land, and there was were communal riots all over the country, and the Right-wing which had not fructified completely began to assume charge, and Congress along with its leadership was a Hindu party (Brahmano ki party)!
  2. Congress Years (Minority Majoritarianism & Islamic Communalism): The Congress with Nehru at the helm of affairs began to shape the India, which was based on the ideals of the western philosophy, and he began with his reformist ideas, and westernized the Hindus, they tasted prosperity, since they were in large numbers, and were competitive, while the Mussalmaan, who were as good as the social classes of Hindus that rose in the new economy, also reached places, while the lower classes of the both the religions suffered at the hands of their communities. In its attempt to show it to the West, Nehru started with a philosophy, that the Mussalmaan must be protected from the Hindu, as they are the majority, and he formulated the ‘Brahman-Mussalmaan-Weaker Section’ ideas to garner votes and win elections. The RSS had its own fan following since there were certain sections that believed Muslims should have gone out of India, or they were untouchables, and were discriminated. The non-acceptance of Muslims in the Hindu society and vice-versa bred more ideological indoctrination of all the people and, one very particular thing about Mussalmaan is their holy book, which consolidated them by default as a political entity within its ideological framework. It is the same influence that led Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, who believed Islam needs a renaissance of its own, lend support to the sectarian views of Jinnah and Ali Brothers! Thus Congress allowed the Muslims to have a Pakistan of their own in India, and then, they administered themselves as per their personal law, and are baby-boomers, and the police were to let go of them on most occasions, and their simplest feature became mob-violence. During the 1992 Babri Masjid riots, it was the movement of its kind to consolidate the Hindus, that were divided by Ambedkarite sentiments of fear and mistrust, when the Congress allowed the violence, everywhere! The BJP under Atal Behari Vajpayee formed its first ever government and there were no communal riots. In 2002, though mass killing of Mussalmaan happened, that too at the provocation of the Mussalmaan. All these are motivated by their vote-bank politics, if we see separately, BJP & CONGRESS have been fighting with themselves, and actually causing problems. Islamic Communalism, and Minority Majoritarianism was the product of Congress’ guilt parenting, wherein the Mussalmaan became a nation within a nation, while Hindus, acquired the patience and peace to pursue things at large, that the new economy had to offer, while all the menial positions and jobs were occupied by the Mussalmaan, and Dalits are accorded equal status with them even today. Whenever Hindus, who share love for India, and being global minorities, expressed themselves, it has been secularism in danger, or another story for people, while actually nobody has ever cared to tinker with the Mussalmaan administering his own personal laws in a secular state and procreating children more than Hindus, which will eventually lead to extinction of Hindus from India! During the 90’s rise of Islamic militancy in Kashmir, Hindus fled away from Kashmir, and rest of them were converted, or murdered, the Congress did not say a word! Frustrated due to many reasons, in 2014, the Congress was shown the door, and BJP under Narendra Modi assumed power.
  3. BJP (Hindu Communalism): The Hindus spent years being made to feel as second class citizens and bred in the fear of the Mussalmaan, since under various governments of the Congress and its allies, Muslims were offered protection by the State and its agencies, the extent being that the reservation system was tweaked to give them reservation and administer their own Pakistan in India. The BJP under Narendra Modi ji, who is famed for his Godhra incident, pumped and fueled the resentment against Mussalmaan, and the Hindu propaganda of a nation, where Mussalmaan will have a place too came to the fore. The Supreme Court of India recently rejected all the review petitions led by the modern day Jinnah, Asaduddin Owaisi and declared its judgment as final, thus the Ram Mandir being built, the Chanakya, Amit Shah announced a law wherein all the Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis and Christians who are persecuted in neighbouring Islamic republics can avail citizenship easily after they comply with certain conditions as per the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019, and coupled with it there was another exercise planned to oust illegal immigrants from India through National Register of Citizens (NRC) which was concluded in Assam recently but the same rationale was not to be applied to the nation-wide NRC. This author knows it. But, the communalism in Mussalmaan brought to the fore a different saga altogether, since it is known that they don’t approve of the RSS and the BJP, they reacted based on paranoia fanned by the Congress and other like minded parties, spreading fear just like the British did, and brought them out on the streets. The Hindu, who has a history of being subjected to minority majoritarianism, is today acquiring more authority from the BJP-RSS and now very profoundly opposing the Muslims who feel they will be expelled from India or Hindus will kill them, etc and etc! Now, the Hindu Communalism is of two kinds, the Liberal one, who thinks, when the Muslim mob will attack us, the RSS will protect us, and the Extreme one, who says, I will stand and fight, if there is a riot! The self-declared ‘Dharam-Rakshak’ will also not hesitate to Islamicise the Hindu culture if given a chance, that is the level Hindu Extremist Communalism as of today!
  4. FAULTLINES: (a) Hindus and other Non-Muslims– The Hindus, by and large are non-violent, and they don’t have a problem with Muslims, and don’t offend but respect Muslims, be in any walk of life, and don’t hesitate in marrying off their daughters to Muslims, or are not orthodox enough to accept orders from the Mandir, or fuss over bigotry, rather live an open life and the live and let live rules! (b) Muslims- They are a closed community, and don’t prefer marrying off their daughters among non-Muslims unless the groom converts to Islam, and they have more religious violence to their credit and honour killings as well. They operate under personal laws, and Shariat comes before the Constitution, and the advocacy of Shariat over the Constitution has come from well-educated and learned people, that it is not worth a comment. There was arson all over after the Jumma Namaz (20/12/19) over NRC & CAA, wherein the Mussalmaan openly threatened the BJP and the Hindus with violent consequences, and even the managed some women to express dissent with the Triple Talaq abolition law which was championed by Modi ji, this year. The bigotry and indoctrination is severe among the Mussalmaan, and not found in other communities living in India. The majority of the Muslims are raised by giving them Quranic instructions in their childhood, therefore are ideologically indoctrinated and their confidence actually comes from the fact that they are Non-Hindu, which is why they wear their attire all the time all the place. The Islamic world by and large is evolving while the Muslims in India, who are converts from Hinduism are more orthodox in approach, and their community governed by the Mullah of the Mosque, doesn’t believe in reformation. Hence Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Sufis and Ahmediyyas have met absurd fate!

There is no solution to the communal problem unless there is course correction and the Muslims respect the zeal and love that Hindus harbour for their land. This author humbly believes, that the Hindu was, is and shall always be the first tiller of the soil of this sub-continent.

If the State starts seeing citizens as citizens, and re-invent the social fabric, it can be done, but as long as the Hindu feels unsafe, and as long as there is no complete overhaul of the present situation, communalism is going to stay. If, this author or his creed is made to live like a minority in this own piece of land, which is my Israel, then, who are we to blame? Nobody from the Hindu community is desirous of violence, but the Muslims will have to initiate the respect and acknowledge our sentiments as well, and it has to start from within!

The Congress for its forced imposition of a Utopia, or the BJP who cannot fulfill its promise to the Hindu? The recognition of Religion has to end from the State and there has to be discipline and uniformity, which sadly, none of the two parties referred to above are competent to deliver!