Essence of World Peace: COVID-19 & The World

Today when I see Mr. Xi Jinping going nuts over his prospects in his political power getting dented just because of an invisible virus, I feel how can a man unleash his fears, his anxiety and his madness over the people of this world and set already troubled lives at the peril of annihilation and destruction led by a war.

Post the world war 2 nations strive with slot of troubles and found a way out to the declining levels of human psyche and promoted the growth of scientific, spiritual and material temperament of man. Though all is not well, and never has it been, nor will it ever be, yet another prospect of the world going all out on a war is not at all a solution.

Mr. Jinping harbours unrealistic personal ambitions and those should be if not tamed, then talked into some logical conclusions.

Mr. Jinping has harboured dreams of creating a world order dominated by the red giant. This is not a logical conclusion for ambition. Besides there are certain theories that China was accidentally harassed for the COVID-19 outbreak, and then other nations are now persecuting the red giant.

People suggest that China has spread the COVID-19 virus to disrupt the world, the truth in all these theories remains illusive.

Today all the nations are faced with one issue and that is to preserve and sustain the countless lives on this globe. This effort breaks boundaries set politically, theologically and financially.

There is no peace in the minds of ordinary people all over the globe. And all people need food to sustain their lives and support themselves. Their basic material desires are not huge but very basic and simple.

The international law comes into play to preserve this organic flow of life continuing on this planet. The only appeal has to be peace.

This is not the time for the world forces to fight for selfish goals and personal pursuits of power and pelf. A holistic approach needs to include all people of all the nations as one.

All members of humanity as one is the essence of world peace, and that is why we moved ahead of the world wars to realise that the world can be a better place despite multitudes of flaws.

This is a request to the veto powers and the UN, and India and Japan to find a peaceful solution to China with a special request to Mr. Jinping to stop ruining his life’s hardwork over petty ambitions.

World will love him more if he believes that peace and mutual respect solve issues better and get names embossed in history for longer times to come.