Farmer Agitation & the Popular Disgust Against The BJP

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been trying to blow hot and cold with the farmers and their issues which starts with forcefully if not legally, and instinctively pushing ahead with doubling their incomes by 2022 if it comes at any costs, while the farmers are also not very accurate when they stand with the old systems of money lending and ‘Arhatiya’ dominated market systems which only help large landholders and the farmers having multiple sources of income generation.

Today the government has offered the farmers an option to hold a dialogue with them but the charter that is laid on the table is not one that seems to be heading in the direction of another stand-off relating on issues that pull each other in opposite directions.

It is not just the Farm Laws that are the target of the farmers agitation, but the movement has been tapped by the Opposition to bring to the fore that there is a certain section of the people who are not supportive of the “chhappan inch brigade” or the “mukke-mukke gang”.

As per the normal rhetoric the Modi 2.0 has been very strength dependent and they have been trying to push forth with an agenda that does not behove a democratic set-up such as ours.

The NITI Aayog Chairman said that India is too much of a democracy, now such a description is vindictive to the democratic credentials Modi ji himself tries to praise!

There is something not well with the BJP government that downplays the opposition as “silly”, “stupid” and “naive”, but the truth is that a mere adoption of a capitalist system like that of the US does not suit India, and pushing ahead with radical reforms requires a deep level of dialogue with the stakeholders of the government that includes the Opposition too.

There is a vast section of the people who perceive the BJP as undemocratic and this is the section of the people who raise voice against the BJP since it is important to preserve the democracy and such movements create a storm in growing Autocrats.