Foundations of a Mass Uprising in India :The Hindu Socialist Republic

Bharat is a place where the masses have never united in one spirit to deliver a consolidated society which thinks and acts towards a single purpose in a continuous rhythm. It is due to these factors and the freedom of press which disillusioned our population and the Congress seceded power in states to other parties and eventually to the BJP in 2014.

The decisive mandate of the BJP in 2014 and the 2019 is a kind of an uprising where people have in disgust towards the Congress and other parties given BJP a chance to move ahead with its point of view. Yet what the voters fail to see is that the electorate/ masses are very far away from the propaganda of the BJP. The BJP in itself is reeling under confusion of sorts where they try to figure out whether they have to be a status quoist and with the Congress; way of political orientation how much space does the BJP actually have to conserve and expand its electorate and stitch a combination that unites the Hindus and keeps them in power.

RSS and BJP have considerably distanced itself from each other and there is a lack of energy and zeal in both the organisations to come out and pursue a re-orietation of the Hindu society and undo whatever the Congress has done all over the years.

Since the advent of Gandhi to the Indian National Movement, there has never been a leader as popular and the inspiration which has moved hearts all over the sub-continent. His leadership gave birth to Jinnah and Nehru, and ever since we haven’t seen any mass leader who could stir hearts all over the nation in a similar tone. Even Indira Gandhi wasn’t that impactful yet Narendra Modi has found considerable favour among the people in the Hindi heartland for sure. In Karnataka they Narendra Modi has a considerable influence yet in Telangana, Andhra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu the BJP is not even remotely in the electoral gamble even! The southern part of India does not connect itself with the Nationalist rhetoric of the North, and we see there is still a very strong leftist/ socialist current in the south even today. Therefore the only most popular brand of all India politics remains the INC and Gandhi still is the unchallenged man who crafted a mass uprising in this fragmented country.

Yet from the independence movement to till Narendra Modi got to power, the only factor we see in the polity is that we never cared to stitch the diverse population of the sub-continent into a cohesive unit. The rise of the INC to power was narrated by the immediate emancipation from the British subjugation and the Narendra Modi’s rise to power was a revolt against the ineffective Congress ministries, yet the polity is still fragmented.

Post independence India has never been a united polity from the North to South and East to West. The polity has been divided by many socio-political movements and often we have seen through the growth and coming to power of regional parties Indian politics is marred by 1) regionalism and then by 2) personality cults bound and butted by narrow ideological and caste combinations which lands us to 3) casteism as the third most important aspect which decides the temperament of the masses.

The Dalit-Minority political gamble which includes Christians, Muslims and OBC has proved to be a spectacular deterrent in forging a unipolar electorate in the political economy of India as a whole and in the respective states along with slight ideological tinges which create racial rifts such as the Dravidian and the Aryan conflict of Tamil Nadu!

The Narendra Modi movement is rightfully a mass uprising where the ‘Hindu Consciousness’ has come to play in the form of neo-nationalism symbolised by Hindu consolidation yet the consolidation is incomplete as well as marred by anti-incumbency and across states BJP has found it tough to stay in power, which means the regional politics isn’t under the influence of Hindu Nationalism thus implying that the polity is not ideologically acculturated to support the BJP. The southern society is untouched barring Karnataka, so we haven’t had a mass leader even today who could replicate what Gandhi did!

After investing a lot of time in trying to figure out how and what needs to be done to create a mass uprising in India, any political scientist would come to finish by a simple answer- IMPOSSIBLE.

In India there hasn’t been any revolutionary movement except the Gandhi episode which aroused people against the British, but did not stitch the electorate into a single bloc it was a short term goal to garner a state which is not ruled by the British, that was the aim, and it has been achieved, yet we see the political culture that we have developed into is certainly creating a more politically dissociated society, while the currents of ills which prevailed in 1947 are still afresh! There is therefore a possibility that in due time the use of NOTA may replace so many regional parties altogether, which will mean that the electorate is loosing faith in polity. It is not a hidden fact that we still don’t have 100% voting in India nor do we have any kind of social cohesion which would usher in some sort of discipline in the society to create a healthy political culture.

Indian electorate and a multi-party system are a failure of sorts for the several minorities since the and the linguistic barrier in India is one problem that has never been solved by respective states to create a division of their respective states from the Hindi speaking population under the garb of destruction of their mother tongue and culture. This creates a uniform barrier in dissemination of propaganda and intercourse of population drastically.

Today it is about a shared living and preserving the land which has nurtured us and helped us flourish. Indian intellectuals were so much amazed at the western civilisation they completely forgot that there is something in the Indian civilisation too! The Chinese copy and perfect any innovation or idea but we in India harldy innovate or perfect much.

The masses today are disillusioned and we need to call out to the consciousness of the Aryans who chose to adhere to their ancestral culture to work fpor the protection of their sacred land which is actually under psersecution and threat from various ideological narratives and physical encroachments that the true sons of the soil will need to be led to preserve, reform and transform the existing polity into a Hindu Socialist state.

The revolution will need an all inclusive movement which offers the right societal mindframe where the progress towards a commom-shared consciousness is premised on a popular scale, it is reformist and creates a community which is not a crude materilaist state which we have today.

The HIndu-Aryans all over will have to take the mantle of confronting the Abrahamic beliefs in this sub-continent which are a beautiful cause of decay of the Hindu conscious and the adoption of the world as perceived by the Western/ Christian imperialists.

The ideological confines of such a struggle will need a simple understanding as to how to use logic and arms to enforce the will in an indisciplined society where everyone is ready to follow some or the other notion and make it a political cause.

The revolution or the mass uprising will not be based on the RSS or any other idea of the feeble kinds but it will be strictly disciplinarian and puritanist in approach.