From Coronavirus to Qoran-e-virus: Extension of the Anti-CAA Clamour

This author today saw news being run about Muslims in various parts of the country like Kota and Moradabad are indulging in violence against healthcare professionals and even the police. This author even had certain interactions with his peers from the Muslim community who say that the people are being fed with information that Muslims are being targeted for causing the spread of COVID-19 particularly because they are Muslims, which aligns with the ideological propaganda of the BJP, prima facie the argument may have some substance but as the time lapses and the defiance along with genuine reporting upon that defiance being threatened with by hate mongering Mullahs is a matter of concern.

The Tablighi Jamat event that happened despite the Delhi government’s notification specifying that there must be no such event, and the explosive trail that the event unleashed upon the sub-continent deserves no explanation at all! Further when the police and healthcare professionals were treated objectionably when there were attempts to put the suspects under quarantine the Jamatis were being recorded spitting everywhere and then nurses complaining of profanity and a host of other shameful instances.

The manner in which the government officials and people in high offices had to beg and plead before the Mullahs to command social discipline is a very sad picture for a democracy that celebrates its rich diversity and where the same Muslims were found sitting on protests in an attempt to display their Indian-ness during the anti-CAA unrest along with their high regard for the polity that was chosen in 1947.

Not only the above but also the fact that Mullah Saad of the Tablighi Jamat or the Proselytising Group in English, was traced from a hideout after a chase, and then the community hid the members who became carriers of the COVID-19.

What sort of Indian-ness is on display here is the question all people are asking! The repeated attempts of the government to seek voluntary information about the attendees of the event held in the month of March at Nizamuddin had no bearing till the spread became a wildfire in the sub-continent.

The reactionism that the community is portraying today is a campaign of hatred in the humanitarian crisis where they are ignoring the bigotry led to a problem for all kaafirs as well as mussalmaan but instead the media and the governments are being blamed for highlighting and spreading Islamophobic sentiment, when the actions of the community are a blatant threat to the safety of all the people residing in India irrespective of their religious affiliations.

The calls to attend prayers across the country and the drones capturing people doing it atop their residences in crowds is again an act of defiance of social discipline in the setting of this humanitarian crisis. Again a question why will Allah help those who cannot help themselves?

The governments were vigilant enough to impose the National Security Act, 1980 (NSA) and hold under preventive detention suspects who may have contracted the virus and may have been carriers all over. The measure is stringent and yet it is purely justified given the acts of spitting in public and on currency notes and other items which are being circulated all over the internet, besides the fact that the Muslims are treating the healthcare professionals and police as the agents of the Hindus who are coming to eliminate them! Sorry, the argument that Muslims are scared is not apparently true when they are sane enough to demand rights even at this hour when they are supposed to oblige their duties towards humantiy more than anything else.

What is the bigger picture here which needs greater attention is the psychological inclinations of the majority persons of the Muslim community in India!

Purely Satirical!


No wonder there is a strong communal sentiment in the Muslim community and the this prevails over everything else, which includes science, love for the motherland, and feeling of fraternity with other Indians and the fear of death knocking our doors in the form of Coronavirus as well, which is why there was the term ‘Corona Jihaad’.

Mussalmaans in India are largely dependent on the feeds given by their aggressive religious leaders who have been promoting this hatred on display ever since the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 came into force and this got aggravated and has started spreading in the form od sporadic incidents of violence all over in the Muslim dominated regions.

It is true that after all these years of pursuing the Gandhian-Nehruvian model of social inclusion with the Mussalmaans they are still largely divorced from the polity and believe in arm-flexing and violence to make their voices heard, most of the times over no prevalent scheme of oppression or any convincing form of discrimination.

The larger section of the Muslim community belives in demanding their rights and doesn’t believe in performing their duties (as citizens) at all, and when their venomous leaders are required to command obeisance specially in times of a humanitarian crisis, this indicates a very grim fact that affirms the belief of Ambedkar that Muslims can never be integrated into this polity.

Petition in the Supreme Court Against the Media alleging Demonisation of Muslim:

The Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Hind moved a petition in the Supreme Court stating that the media was demonising Muslims over the Tablighi Jamat event, the petition is being heard and the court did not take any action till further orders. This petition is an act of irresponsibility, which again is in a sense sending a message to the Muslims that they are not safe in India, and the majority community and the governments including the media is demonsing them and plans to evict them or finish them. So much so that this author came across an opinion stating that the BJP and the Hindus are using this Corona ballyhoo to isolate Muslims and kill them! Conspiracy theorists of the Islamic community seem to have been ignoring the shortcomings of theirs when they failed to aid the authorities contain the coronavirus by voluntary disclosure of the travel history of their very own brethren.

Madarsa vs the Motherland:

The Madarsa has been the supreme feature of the lives of some very highly educated Muslims as well, while there exists no concept of a motherland for the Muslims in India at all. Their cultural affinities lie near around Mecca and not with India, which is a largely felt belief in the poplace of the Muslims. That is the reason which breeds hatred for the government and its agencies today, who are percieved as the defenders of the Hindus rather than people serving ‘We the People’.

The divisions and the internal propaganda that the Muslim community has been nurturing for years and that had gained new ground after the anti-CAA protests has therefore evolved and tranformed itself into another anti-establisment movement where social discipline is the key to defeat the threat of COVID-19. The propaganda and the alienation of the community has a direct impact on the lives of other Indians and also creates another chaos for our security agencies to manage.

The community has to take the mantle of irresponsible religious fanaticism that is rampant in their alleys and cellphones (today) because even during the lockdown every mosque broadcasts the daily prayers on its loudspeakers but doesn’t tell its adherents to follow the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while the government doing its job is being perceived as infidels attacking their religion.

Who is there to take the blame and the responsibility of the “Religion First” idea in the Muslim community today?

Who will help promote an ideological renaissance in the Mussalmans today so that they may be more socially integrated without identifying themselves as a Mussalmaan but as Indians or Humans first?