Gandhi’s Fears Come Alive INC Claiming Legacy

The Indian National Congress, as a political party, is not an ideological machine, and it never was. It was a group and a forum for all the politically active people during the years when the subcontinent was under foreign rule. All the people who had found refuge in the INC had various ideological inclinations and various views related to it. It was after the growth of other political forces that the INC took to define itself more, and the tallest and the most popular leader that the INC produced was Gandhi. While all the political currents that grew took to leave the Congress due to ideological differences only, then where and what is the legacy? Gandhi never built a society, and neither did Nehru, they tried to impose their visions of a society and promoted it with the state machinery, which turned out to be minority appeasement, foreign isms and minority majoritarianism.

No wonder Gandhi was the most popular mass mobiliser in those years and thus had a hierarchy of leaders who were his trusted lieutenants and favourites. Nehru and Jinnah were the men he had no control over and Jinnah was always like his prodigal son, who would extract anything from his father as and when he desired.

Gandhi ji in those circumstances wasn’t a leader but a pure and simple autocrat without a weapon. And then his negotiations combined with other revolutionaries and the pressure built after the second world war, made the British leave.

But today, the INC with all of its flaws and the flawed political beliefs of subduing the Hindus has arranged for a “Dharohar” propaganda educating the people how it claims it legitimacy over the affairs of the Indian people!

This isn’t the right set of qualifications required to come to power, specially when Gandhi himself said that the Congress must be dissolved. The sins of the Congress will come home to roost for a few more years because it doesn’t have a popular leader nor did it create or produce one.

The flaws in the INC are wide and they haven’t done any reckoning of their past but are simply trying to make the political scape more exciting by their senile propaganda and fate will have it, that due to leadership vacuum and economic frustration that the current regime maybe voted out of power, but this still doesn’t legitimise the claims on the soil of the Indian people laid down upon by the INC, a Gandhi & Co undertaking.

Dharohar is a bad idea and a bad term.