Ideological Aspects of Congress Mukt Bharat

What the Congress meant in 1885, it has become the same in 2020. This may simply mean that when A.O. Hume conceived of the Indian National Congress, he never thought that some man called Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi would come from somewhere, and alter the narrative of the freedom struggle. Till that time the Congress was more moderate, and comprised of the elites, or rather the people who were lucky enough to go out of India, secure higher education in among the English. These people due lack of confidence, and in their attempt to gel with the English, began liking and admiring their civilisational ethics and values, while the people like Lala Lajpat Rai, Maharishi Dayanad Saraswati, who remained in India, and disseminated Indian cultural heritage, and modern education ushered in neo-intelligentsia to which people like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya come from.

The Congress, yes, the majority narrative set by the people who have been at the helm of affairs in the Congress has been one which sees Indians and majorly Hindus as savage, illiterate people, who have age old customs, that are backward, and their cultural identity is nothing but more disastrous and fatalistic to their view of India.

The Congress leaders, and their favourables, since they were in the top most socio-economic rung, and occupied high positions and power, have always looked down upon the less privileged, self-starters or upstarts who belong to the RSS or BJP as being the ones to be looked down upon, since they were not materially blessed as the elites in the Congress were!

Despite the BJP running its own governments at various states, and performing well, any policy, or any action taken by the for example the Finance Minister, is a pathetic move, because she did not get to an ivy league institute overseas, but is a product of Indian education system, and that same education system was conceptualised by none other than the Elites of the Indian National Congress.

The socio-political struggles of creating class wars, and creating closed door power corridors have been the narrative of the Indian National Congress, where even today, there are huge discrepancies, and there are fatalistic demographic threats, besides rampant corruption and injustice crawling everywhere!

It was nobody else, but the Indian National Congress, that decided the fate of Indians ever since independence, since what has been the impact of their wisdom, elite status and high degrees combined with high offices? How were they able to offer a good life to Indians?

The Scheduled Castes, the majority of them still live deplorable lives, and add to that now the upper castes are also reduced to penury, as a direct outcome of their failed economic policies!

For years the Congress handed over businesses a favour, and only a few business houses flourished in their economic order! When today, there is an attempt to open India to the world, and reap the benefits by aligning the Indian economy with the global economy, it is the carry forward of the failed economic policies to liberalisation to ’08-09 economic crisis to NPA!

The lives of ordinary middle class Indian have been so tough that they will vote for freebies and put you to power, not to forget the Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu giving washing machines, or the Samajwadi Party giving laptops, or the Aam Aadmi Party giving out freebies at the behest of taxpayer’s money. The Congress elites who could not deliver on their economic targets right from the First Five Year Plan and the Mahalanobis model, have been responsible for the lives of ordinary Indian being reduced to nothing.

The shadow economy, of which not just the elites of the Congress were a party, but also the bureaucracy who have plundered the money meant for the poor, got enriched unjustly, and sit in their luxurious homes, only to engage on couch politics, where they have no clue whatsoever about the real woes of the ordinary man!

For these people, who have never felt the need of exploring the divine, religion is just for their political ends, and the majority community is viewed as a threat to the peace of the nation, just because they love their comfort zones so much, and the western ideals so much, that anything that is different from them is street, which is why it is the BJP here regarded as ‘street’!

Not to mention, the people who assume office, also assume a VIP status, since they gain monetary benefits which result in ascription of social status, thus servitude becomes irrelevant, and there lies the reason, why is ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’ ideological war!

The Hindus are peace loving, and gentle people by all means, and a little material cushion makes them pursue with their lives at peace, while the Congress couldn’t assure them of the same, they abruptly landed up pushing the masses towards class struggles, and caste struggles have been always prevalent.

The socio-economic fabric is based on the fact that one particular religious community is eagerly waiting for the perfect time to have sufficient numbers to engage the majority in a war of survival, and this has been the history with Parsis and the fate of Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia has also been the same.

Particularly, one jacket fits all isn’t the view that the Congress inflicted on everyone, and the western point of view that the Congress has ingrained all over the place, is a threat.

It is a deep ideological war, where the BJP that is street as per the elites in the Congress deserves to work harder, mobilise masses, and provide a better standard of living. The narrative has to go like a movement spear-headed by people who believe in the integral humanism of Malviya ji and the peacefulness in the Hindu mind-set.

Social reforms have to come from within, and there has to be strength in the lives of all the people who believe that Indian culture is not just the medieval period but is beyond and around it as well. It is not just conservatism but the humane treatment where every Harijan was given regular charity, and the response to attacks of Islam that made the Hindus feel unsafe, and ascribe to rigidity!

The movement just doesn’t stop here, it gets a new meaning, it is not just Congress Mukt, but Others Mukt as well. They are pure and simple ideological wars, that need substance to be fought just perfectly.

Elites are not divinely possessed with the qualities to rule the poor Indian forever, the true emancipation of the Indian masses has just begun, where there will be a new Constitution also, there will be the assertion of the people who stand against the elitism of the Congress and ors, while the BJP stands as the most popular force depicting the common voices of the Indians.