India the enemy #1 for China in the Post-COVID World: WW-III…?

With the Chinese causing trouble on the LAC (Line of Actual Control) and India boosting up its ante, China is making it official today that India is beyond doubt the enemy #1 for the communist giant in the post-COVID-19 world.

It is an amazing fact that the Chinese have occupied large swathes of Indian territory in Ladakh and have tried to infiltrate deeper into Aksai Chin and target Siachen to facilitate a smooth alley for their Gilgit-Baltitstan tract of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor), China has not stopped here, China has instigated Nepal by giving it financial aid to put trouble with India to a boiling point over a settled territory dispute.

This comes when the global manufacturer China has been taking flak publicly and tried to build up pressure on the American motor mouth President Mr. Donald Trump who actually pushed American into a cold war with China. China under Xi Jinping, who is supposedly the most powerful man alive today has used all global institutions and forums to expand its economic agenda and pursue the era of Chinese hegemony by challenging the American unilateralism that gained momentum in the post WW-II world.

China has used the American dollars it received in return for its economic benefits to usher capture trans continental markets and supply chains that led to a gargantuan rise in its financial coffers. The American corporations that set up manufacturing units provided China with the technical abilities ranging from manufacturing processes to state of the art technologies which it possibly uses covertly for expanding its influence in the world’s sphere.

Today there are many failed states that do not look up to America and its allies as their saviour but, they look up to China!

After China began receiving flak for hacking global institutions and spreading the deadly Coronavirus to the world, China is getting desperate at the democracies of the world which are the largest market for its produce coming closer to withdrawing all their investments in the Chinese economy.

This fear of economic banishment has induced China to target the second largest population of the world India, under a stable government to offer a better and a more appealing alternative to the democratic world to house its manufacturing hubs and ditch China completely.

The Chinese are now raking up trouble for India to stay calm and Xi has ordered his army to stay prepared for any war, which is a direct threat by the red giant to make the world dance to its tune by directly putting the bonhomie between Modi and Trump under the ire of the dragon.

The clear signal for the world grappling with a disaster which means that economies of the world will fail and millions of people will be banished to penury and poverty is purely a Chinese homegrown tactic.

An empowered nation such as China which claims it has tamed the coronavirus could have easily alerted the world of a possible breakout and might have used its cash to fund a vaccine research but it chose expanding its military expenditure and threatening the entire democratic world with a war.

Today, the democratic world must think about the future of our generations to come, and calibrate an action which will create a middle path for making China more responsible for the world and spread less filth all over.

If a war erupts today, the Chinese shall be devastated completely and Xi Jinping’s name will be wiped off from the history of the world, while the leaders of the democratic world will stand till the fear over humanity unleashed by one man is completely put to a peaceful end.

This is purely because war is just politics through extra means.