Islam Needs a Renaissance: Islamic Communalism

India has been witnessing serious protests and drama of great depth that challenge the very basic foundations of the democratic republic, and openly portray a blind distortion or subjugation of Constitutional values at the altar of absurd Salafi Jihadists breeding on the land of diversity.

The protests have been about the misinformation propaganda that has been propagated by the Salafist organisations, and other political parties to tear through the Modi’s juggernaut of popular support through a negative propaganda of secularism in danger and Islam in danger.

The content being circulated on the internet and the many Shaheen Baghs (A Mussalmaan dominated suburb in New Delhi where women and children have sat down protesting the implementation of CAA and NRC) springing all over the Indian territory is a reason of alarm for the secular state that believes in “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwaas”.

The Muslim clerics, students at Jamia,and Aligarh, backed by the sectarian MP from Hyderabad, Asaduddin Owaisi are promoting and supporting the spread of Islamic commulnalist agenda which works to their advantage every time at the polls, since Mussalmaan sticks to en bloc voting , which is directed by their mosques, not by their instincts as a citizen of India.

As a man interested in the welfare of my country and the preservation of the diverse culture of my country, the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), and the National Register of Citizens (NRC), also the National Population Register (NPR), are not detrimental to the interests of the Mussalmaan living in India! The only problem is for the Rohingyas, or other Mussalmaan people who live in India, illegally!

The Citizenship Amendment Act, does no harm to any Muslim already living in India, and since all the Muslims are humanists first, as they proclaim, this author wishes to ask just one question to all their religious leaders and the Sharjeel Imams, and all those people blocking the streets, what is wrong if the persecuted minorities are given shelter in India, and what is wrong with the fact that India, is by default the only Hindu majority country in the whole world!!

What is wrong with the Rohingyas and other Muslims illegally living in India, be expelled from India?

The answer is very purely simple, the heart of a Muslim beats for another Muslim first, which is why they put their religion before their country, let alone other people ascribing to different religious ideologies! It is their lack of knowledge of Islam, and ignorance of the Hadith that makes Salafi Jihadism still the most persistent threat all over the world.

The current protests and rhetoric followed by the masses, and their proponents is simply Islamic communalism shrouded in Salafist Jihadist vocabulary which is aimed at threatening the Hindus, and the BJP government at the Centre, since the Article 370 was abolished, as well as the Ram Mandir is about to be built at Ayodhya!

The fears of the Muslims, also stem from the fact that Nikah Halala vide Triple Talaq was challenged and a state sponsored attack on the Shariat will also be a reality soon as the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code is the agenda of the BJP government.

The protests are taking shape as disregarding the suffering of the persecuted Hindus and the respect the Hindus should be accorded for giving the Muslims in India a peaceful atmosphere to flourish to such an extent that they start to claim the land as their own, instead of acknowledging Hindus as being the original inhabitants of this land!

Amazingly, the furore that is being raised today, was not raised when the Kashmiri Pandits were persectued and they had to flee or convert in Kashmir, and the media doesn’t catch the same frenzy when a Hindu was killed by a Muslim, but a Muslim killed, is a crime of sorts!

This is in a very simple way, trying to assert that Islam is the only way of life, and Hindus shall be met with resistance if anyone tries to use the law to spread the rule of law!

Unfortunately this author would like to remind all Muslim intellectuals (Sharjeel Imams and other clerics who are spreading hatred) that included in the Hadith is a famous pronouncement made by the Prophet Muhammad on his return from the battle of Tabuk, which marked the end of his military campaign against the polytheists: “We have returned from the lesser jihad (jihad kabeer); to the greater jihad (jihad akbari), (i.e. the struggle against the evil of one’s soul).” This division of jihad came to be interpreted in Islam as meaning that the outer and less important physical struggle for Islam was over and had given way to the more important inner, moral struggle.

The megalomaniac dreams of the Islamic leaders in India and all over the world, are creating problems for other peace-loving communities, and the threat of Islamophobia is not an illusion but a reality, given the fact that there are forced conversions happening in India, and there are organisations like the banned SIMI, Peace Party and the PFI (Popular Front of India) along with AIMIM that are promoting the mindset, and bolstering the Islamic Communalism, which is actually making India unsafe for the peace loving Hindus, shall be dealt with a renaissance, or deployment of force shall be the only way out of this crisis.

The Opposition parties in India, in order to garner votes, and attract the disillusioned Hindu voters who fear for their safety and security from these Muslims, are raising their voices for the pro-terrorist/ Salafi Jihadists who are trying to gain a center-stage in the national politics.

The UP government has been very prompt and diligent in taming the violent protests, and the Central Government must also follow suit. The all women bastion of the CRPF, CISF should be deployed to immediately disperse the protesters that are now flaunting weapons as well.

The leaders from the Muslim community must look within, since it is time for Jihad-e-Akbari they must learn the meaning of peaceful co-existence, and have a sympathetic outlook towards not just the Hindus, but all other communities of the world. It is time when they start promoting a change and opening up of the psyche of the ordinary Muslims to intermingling of faiths and ideas, without which, Salafists and other Muslims shall eventually die their own death, since the world deserves peace, and any rogue ideology, or community must be dealt with through force, for the greater good.

The views expressed are personal.

Islam needs its own renaissance, very soon, before it becomes too late.