Limits of Democracy!

This author recalls having come across a famous leader in India stating very clearly that how in due time the freedom of speech and expression will be abused by the citizens and the state will find it tough to deal with the demand of the times to usher in a new kind of a society.

Well, today, we find that it is somewhat true. The democratic intercourse happening on specifically social media is a problem for so many people who get engaged with it, and not so many others who willfuly choose to avoid it!

A democratic structure as we understand has some limitations because it pre-supposes the fact that “we the people” are instead of being lead desire to lead, is incorrect! The Freudian and Marxian views of the polity have found a very deep imprint on the minds of our freedom fighters as well as the people who drafted our constitution. Their wisdom and talent is not being put to question, yet it is just one thing that is being questioned, where have we pushed our nation into in giving it a series of issues that can never be resolved and right from 1947 till date we have the same issues doing rounds in our society!

The first man who ever put the Communist Manifesto to use was Lenin who knew that you cannot offer the proletariat/ precariat their will to be imposed freely, but through active state intervention it can be a reality that the economic growth trickles down to the lowest rung of the societal ladder. While on the other hand, the Capitalist forces rewarded freely iniitiative and enterprise, but both of the models have had their own limitations which is why in India we landed up adopting a mixed economic system, and with all the freedoms in Article 19, we have the freedom to carry out any trade, occupation or profession.

All of the above is good, and desireable in a society that saw years of imperial oppression and believed in building national consciousness, but after years of experients with Nehruvian Socialism, and accepting in 1992 that it has failed, further with a graded shift over the years towards capitalism, we must find the limitations the democratic set up has, in terms of offereing stable growth and policy directions as well as promoting the evolution of national consciousness.

Today, India has a tough reality which implies that there is wide gap between the haves and haves not! This doesn’t imply the Socialists’ call to elevate the standard of living is justified but the reason to have a wide income gap is unjustified.

The freedom that we the people enjoy in a democracy like India comes at a price, it is the ability to create a uniform order in the lives of people where the State remains an acive party to the lives of the people at all material times, instead the State manages to regulate the social intercouse from a distance and there is the presence of lack of social cohesion and evolution of national consciousness.

The Marxists and Freudians have become obsolete, and that is the truth, while in the age of social media every idea has come to show itself up over and over again, while there exist further divisions in the social fabric which has not evolved on the basis of a national consciousness.

The democratic society today is allowing too much of freedom to a particular strata of the society which ensures that they are in a position to display sympathy at one moment and contempt and disregard at the other for a class of person which might never despite all sorts of social upliftment strategies be able to stand next to the erstwhile classes.

Certain point of views deserve to be honoured and respected, while there has to be debate which results in a healthy and informed appraoch towards policy and other decision making processes, but too much of paranoia and fear is a problem which grapples the democracy here.

We are so young in our approach that we are struggling with social issues that were real in 1947, like casteism, healthcare, and unemployment etc, it is the blind abuse of our democracy which has pushed certain parts of our nation into abject poverty while the material growth at some other places have ushered in clusters of a neo-modern society which is cosmopolitan in approach!

It is true that there will always be differences in the society and divergent opinions will always exists, but there has to be some limitation that needs to be put on the exercise of democractic freedom by the poeple, and there has to be a State defined programme to develop national consciousness as distinct from the Marxian or Freudian ideals, which are not suited to our times.