Neo Socialism: Post Mandal Era of Social Justice Politics

It is well known how the Mandal politics has dominated the scenario of Indian politics since its inception and the OBC, Dalit combine with Muslims dominated power across the nation in different forms, showing a stark retaliation to upper caste domination in the field of political power.

Despite the rise of champions of Mandal and Periyarite politicians and socialist leaders, we never saw a real change, while the caste and other social narratives assumed greater significance as an under-current but never yielded the desired results that was evolution and offering social justice.

Today it is not about offering just social justice through reservation schemes and populist policies like offering reservation to 75% private sector jobs to natives of a particular state or caste based reservations. It is about realising that the temporal and spiritual realms are two different spheres of human life.

The need for the socialist politics to evolve lies in the fact that today we need to evolve in order to create a society that provides assistance to all the individuals based on their economic status. The socialist leaders of tomorrow have to be chosen out of their image and the work they have done in the field to create social combinations that dominate the status-quo of the political mathematics.

Neo-socialism will have to carve out a distinct identity of the State from the clutches of religion and will have to accept that all citizens are equal while bargaining with the state. The neo-socialist model will also have to promote the cultural past of the sub-continent so that the Maoist cultural revolution that has often been tried here and has failed, does not give rise to fragmented society and politics.

Neo-socialism will have to elevate the standards of living and will have to allow enterprise as well as take the entrepreneur into confidence to create an atmosphere of healthy economic justice not solely out of public funds as is being tried in Bihar by BJP and RJD, since their models are flawed.

Neo-socialism will not be about minority or majority politics but will be about building a better society. And a society is built when all the units and components of the society are willing or made to will into believing an idea of oneness and togetherness.

the Neo-socialism will offer Justice- social, economic, political and spiritual as well.