Investments and Development-2020 Amid COVID-19

A few moments ago central minister for heavy industries and public enterprises of India Mr. Prakash Javadekar along with the Minister the Law and Justice, Communications and Electronics and Information Technology Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, announced on the public television via a joint press conference making us aware of the steps that the government will be taking to boost employment and give new avenues for immense job creation, ever since the tech bubble in India has come to a close of burst after the collapse of OYO and there shall be more to follow.

The New Employment Policy as Mr. Prasad liked to call it, comes in the wake our Prime Minister, our beloved leader, Sri Narendra Modi, asking people to take appropriate steps in the wake of the COVID-19 or novel corona virus including the #JantaCurfew on the 22nd of March.

The new employment policy also comes when our very own Sri Rahul Gandhi predicted that there will be an ‘economic tsunami’ while, Kerala Chief Minister announced relief package, that was short-sighted, and extremely socialist in approach.

The vision or the policy whichever may be a suitable term, lays down an immediate measure and source of employment generation since the corona outbreak has taken its place. The PM highlighted that it is a graver danger than the World War-1 or 2, and we aren’t possessed with the arms needed to cure the disease, yet with the boost to overall Swacchta will give us a better chance of preventing the quick spread.


Two days ago this author had publicly shared that there is a mass scare and hysteria among the people about the rampant spread of corona, and their anguish is understandable since there exists no cure to the virus till date. This author further urged the people to trust their immune system and take measures to stay strong psychologically among observing the measures as promoted by the media.

Economic Necessities:

It was further observed by the author that there are lay-offs already happening, and the government has also urged all the job givers to try providing for the needs of their employees, and they have offered sops to industries, even when sector wise identification is impossible.

The lockdown has to be a reality, since there are people who shall be potential carriers, spread across the class ladder, and there shall be problems for people to continue with their economic activities, and only the people who shall work from home, might be in a position to avail of their paycheques, while the maximum people stand in the way of loosing their livelihoods.

New Policy:

The new policy has announced complete control measures, amidst the appeal, where all the people can be accomodated and the government might tackle the ‘economic-tsunami’ in a better way. Since there is a possibility that there shall be days when the complete economic wheel of the country will be at an halt, the government shall take the appropriate steps, and in the short term since the Chinese manufacturing in healthcare, and electronic components is absolutely negligible, Indian export policy shall align itself with the Chinese policy, and the Sino-Indo partnership will be assumed to be one of sustaining the world through production.

The government has also said of offering incentives to the job givers who will set-up industries here and there will be greater push for the unemployed persons, in the aftermath of the global disruption caused by the COVID-19 spread. The policy hasn’t come in the paper yet before this author, but there is more to the needs of the masses, with a visionary perspective, that are being catered to by the current regime.

The policy is about handing out incentives, and marketing the left inventories of the Indian manufacturers, and tackle the economic disruption in the global economy in a better manner. The capital desired, thus is more needed from the industry and the government as it pushes employment, while the government is already dealing with a recession.

Some Areas Left-

The government needs to devise, the means to deal with the spread, and undertake aggressive sanitation operations and produce more balance in the business community as well as the masses, since in the wake o declining value of the currencies, and commodity trade getting really hot, there shall be many disruptions, which will demand, greater governmental controls. It is just not about the macro-economy, the micro-economy will take a hit, worse than never before, since we are more dependent on vague sources of revenue, and do not produce anything.

The better insight can be done, with literally allowing the wealthiest Indian conglomerates to get coupled with the foreign companies, and government to produce a better distribution of money through effective control on the business community in general.

The strength of the policy and army should be increased effectively to ramp up monitoring of public policies in the backdrop of crises that is looming around the corner, so that there is no situation going out o hand due to panic.