Not Placing High Hopes With Biden-Harris for Bharatvasis

It is being celebrated all over that since Kamala Harris is a person of Indian origins, she will make the American policy makers tilt to balance the scales with the Indian administration, and whatever support Modi government got from Trump and his musketeers, will also not be there. Taking Joe Biden as an open minded and a calculative politician, India is looking some hair cuts on the global front, and many policies of Trump will be reversed if not diluted completely. Though Biden is also being lauded as an old friend of India, yet there is a very logical reality that makes him not very fit for Indians/ Bharatvasis is his instinct to preserve the American relationship with China.

Yet, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be dominated by the tech giants that have economic interests in India, and the American nation which has always been famous for being too business friendly, will be met with another regime in India that favours their business interests in India.

The taxation on tech giants being levied in India will be the first hurdle that will come at the cost of normalisation of trade ties with China, and will further create a collateral for India, which will mean trade for tax regime. The push for making India a manufacturing hub, and other ideas of making us an economic powerhouse will come at huge costs under the current regime which will not be at all good for the future of our economy in the years to come.

The Chinese have reposed immense faith in Biden and Harris for resumption of their dreams to become the world’s #1 and this will come by reverting back to Obama era, when India was just some developing nation, and had no image of its own. Given the fact that the Ambassador to USA Mr. Sidhu brings enough experience on the table in terms of dealing with Biden-Harris and their aides, will not do well in the long term since the sentiment that the Biden-Harris administration will adopt will be one of not taking India seriously, and if at all taking us seriously, they will try to meddle with our sovereignty.

Therefore in the short term no good policies are expected from the Biden-Harris combine and when it comes to our sovereignty, they are not welcome like the past governments of the US to pass any untoward remarks, and this is just the beginning of the list of don’ts for the new government.

This author wishes them a successful and a prosperous tenure, and the same time desires to caution the current regime to its next decisions very wisely, and be firm with their vision and demands while they negotiate witht the new administration.