The Capitalist Nationalism: BJP & COVID-19

The people of the old guard or the Team Vajpayee in the Bhartiya Janta Party understood well the reality of the Indian people when they tried to carefully manouvre the era of opposition to the FDI policies of the UPA and when the Vajpayee led NDA government undertook economic reforms the country saw socialism as an inevitable arm of the Indian polity.

In the kind of socialism that we tend to define our Indian socialist ethos means that we make our economic policies while keeping in mind bottom most people of the economic ladder and we liberalise then include the middle and then the upper classes. Our socio-economic dialect is filled with maxims for defining the public support and subsidies that we dole out to our population ranging from the most basic term “janhit” and to the more sophisticated “samajwad”.

Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi was live on every news channel urging the Indian Chambers of Commerce on how they must offer “People, Planet and Profit” philosophy. The narrative also seemingly lauded the destruction of the Agriculture Produce Marketing Committees Act, and Essential Commodities Act as the draconian set of laws that have ruined the farmers, and now with private players getting the edge to engage farmers in contract farming and allowing private players to have access to agri markets under the garb of empowering the farmers. Not only this, the economic package doled out by the Modi government which carefully only counts the expense of the government reaching out to Rs. 20 Lakh crore is a nothing but a gimmick.

The Svanidhi loans to street vendors, well haven’t really been disbursed and then the more important is the MSME where the definition was changed to leave out many, and include a few who will find it a little tough to push ahead with the conundrum led by COVID-19.

The cherry on the pie, PMCares fund, okay, lets be clear the funds may have been needed to be kept out of the scrutiny of the Opposition and it is no doubt hidden that the BJP workers across states came on the streets to distribute food packets, and now there are rallies all over the nation with internet and LED TVs being put to use. How did the BJP get so much of money to invest in elections?

The another spectacular feature is the Islamic reactionary propaganda which is being deployed to mobilise the Hindu voters, here being a Hinduvadi myself, my point is simple, why have we allowed Shaheen Bagh to spiral to disproportionate levels, and then we have not done anything about including Muslims in the Hindu culture and we certainly have not pushed for socio-cultural reforms in the Hindu community.

What we are possibly now doing is allowing anyone with money to make more money at the cost of the Indian people, and we are pushing the masses into abject poverty and at the same time into a blind pursuit of materialism. This is not the Hindu way of life. We are trying to cosy up with the Americans and rich businessmen are given a leeway to create an economy that suits their interests and rubbishes the welfare of the lowest.

The hike in the prices of commodities has been left unchecked and there are no rebates to the business community, but moratoriums and loans, which will not help ease out the burden put push them into hire & fire mode of operations.

The government is standing in the middle of labour laws, and also giving litigation holidays to people assuming that there will not be anarchy. They are arming the Capitalists and fueling everyone with Nationalism, but they are the saffronised Congress and Anti-Hindu.

People wouldn’t believe or be interested how we need to take our nation together and believe that we all are Hindus first and anything else later on. This eludes this government. This government works on the Communist model that targets the “upliftment of standard of living” slogan and plunders and enslaves the masses.

The select few businessmen of the Club Modi wll get to dictate our lives, where laissez faire will not be the official norm, but it will be so in reality.

There is rampant corruption and greed quenching the thirst for power of the BJP and its effeminate gangsters, this is what all the parties did in the past. They must not forget there can rise a man like Bala Saheb who will stop their march and it is not only the police and their goons who will use weapons, some men are free and use weapons with the zeal for their motherland and for their culture to be preserved.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai!!!