The Congress Adhiveshan

.The biggest mistake that the Congress committed today in its adhiveshan was projecting Gandhi scion as the probable for the post of President and the future PM candidate.

No matter what the appeal is being done to the masses, and irrespective of the fact that the Indian economy is not faring as it should have, the Congress will loose Rajasthan also.

The Congress has rightfully attacked the regional parties for lacking vision, but then, does Congress have any vision which is in sync with the times?

Rahul Gandhi ji doesn’t actually care, and they are loosing cadre, and will loose more in the upcoming months, because the mood of the people lies with Hindu rising.

Mr. Gandhi does not understand that he is actually paying for the sins of his mother and his forefathers who thought, India is their ‘jageer’.

Mr. Gandhi will have to actually assuage not just the mood of the masses, but he will also have to apologise publicly for the sins of the past.

This reality is the truth, whether he confronts it today or he does it tomorrow, he will have to accept that the majority community will be the largest voter base he has and will have.

Elections are fought on issues, na, sentiments, it is the sentiment that makes people like Nehru, Mulayam, Mamta, Modi ji and Sonia ji leaders.

Issues don’t make them, they make issues the reality, and people connect with them.

Mr. Gandhi will not find the answers in his aides words or in the strategies of Mr. Kishore but eventually he will have to seek the answers in the pulse of the people.

The people have their heart in Hindu resurgence.

The ways to counter this sentiment will cost something.

What matters is whether Mr. Gandhi will understand and actually respond to the reality as it is?

For the first time in years the Congress needs someone elected from and beyond the Gandhi family.

This will keep the momentum alive. Otherwise.