The New World Order: COVID-19, US, China & More

Ever since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took over the reigns of the US administration there is a quiet calm that has developed in the Chinese foreign policy. The bonhomie between the Indian administration and the American administration has come to an awkward pause ever since the RDIF sent Sputnik V to India, and now Kamala Harris says US will send vaccines, though out of their own will, since the Indian government did not ask them, while a few days ago the foreign minister was very particular about not allowing the American leaders to pass ignorant remarks about the Indian government.

The Chinese in the meanwhile have had some advancements of their own in the South China Sea, and the Indian ocean region where their open arms economic and military diplomacy is yielding in results by granting them territories that were once beyond the reach of the dragon, thus making the Chinese a persistent threat to a world defined by the American leadership perspectives.

The Quad where India is a distinguished member given its close proximity to China, and frail resources, has also come into action by the Australian and New Zealand Prime Ministers swearing themselves to opposing the Chinese and mobilising support from other countries.

There is another wave of demands from the global community that the origins of the COVID-19 virus and the pandemic that followed globally be investigated well and researched, preposterously though the nations of the EU and the Americans have moved ahead with opening and reviving their economies, and none of the nations are looking at any kind of confrontations with the Chinese, yet there is a wave of resentment against the Chinese government which persists still, and further the intentions of the Chinese to become the global superpower also cast doubts about the legitimate claims of honesty about the already concluded investigations into the causes of the pandemic.

The world order today will aim to be a safer place, but the most important thing that catches the attention of any aware global citizen is the power tussle and the economic disparity that will rule the post COVID world, and pose a serious risk to the populations of the developing nations, which have low resources and many of them are heavily dependent on Chinese aid for their recoveries, while the rest are dependent on the Chinese production capactities since the home-grown industries and manufacturing sector is not capable enough to meet the demands in a cost effective manner.

The WTO and the UN collectively will choose world peace which will impart certain concessions to China, but then there will strategic sanctions and checks on the Chinese since the turmoil that led to the annexation of Hong Kong, and the threat persisting upon the semi conductor hub of the world, Taiwan will make things more aggressive for the west while it deals with China.

The new world order will be about the US and its allies on the one end, while China and its allies will dominate the other end, the Russians will choose to be the global arbitrators and will be the most neutral nation, that will make them by default an influential front player in the world politics.

If there is any truth the allegations of the Donald Trump that COVID-19 is the first of its kind biological war, then there will be more in the future and this time the origins will not be China, it will originate in the United States or the jungles of Africa.