The Saffronised Congress: BJP-2020

Today when we see that the propaganda of the Indian media channels is blowing itself out of proportions and people all over the social media are busy crafting venomous messages this author who doesn’t shy from calling himself a Nationalist Socialist for all purposes thinks why has the BJP all of a sudden risen to behave and act like the Indian National Congress of the yester years!

The Congress per se was an amalgamation of a variety of Western Intellectuals who dominated often the Hinduvadis if at they existed before and sometime after the partition. Since the coming of Indira Gandhi to power and her imposition of emergency in the country the multi-party system began to function like a virus spread and all the leaders who were subjected to harsh punishments in the emergency landed up vying for power or pelf in the Congress determined and fashioned democracy.

Today the BJP has been at the helm of affairs for almost 6 years. It is said that the RSS is the parent organisation of the BJP, and the people in the BJP are in every sense away from power and pelf, yet that is not absolutely true. The propaganda machinations of the BJP are turning deaf and dumb as the days pass by, and the over-rated focus on Muslims is not a good sign over Hinduising them.

The BJP has in the recent years moved away from the RSS and the ideological bankruptcy is also apparent in the BJP. The new office bearers or propagandists who go live on national television and the manner in which the Hindu reform which is the most peculiar task is being left to someone else.

The manner in which the Congress and the other Socialist offshoots ruled all these years was playing blind ‘minority-majoritarian’ politics, and while today there is some pungent and distorted kind of ‘popular’ politics going around.

As this author learnt about the RSS the work and consistent efforts towards organising the Hindu society in a uniform manner has to be continued and this sees a world-view which absorbs the variety of influences and ideas of other religious beliefs (which only imply semitic religions) in a manner such that they tend to feel a bond with the real culture from where they moved ahead to the new ideas of life. The way in which RSS visualises to bring a revolution in the Hindu society is more holistic and inclusive, it unifies the diversity into a national body politic woven around the ideas original to the soil.

The implementation of the BJP political experiment is somewhat very distinct from the RSS’ world-view. The RSS has to re-invent itself since the society has been led with the western philosophy for over years now and there is nothing in the manner of the anti-Muslim propaganda which is being carried out by the media which will help the BJP.

RSS & Nationalist Socialism

Okay RSS is a more soci-spiritual movement, and is not the Natonalist Socialist (Nazi) movement of the Hitler. The relatable distinction is the integrative humanist (Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya) perspective with which a positive social change has to be ushered in the society. This possible social change is not happnening today in the society, and we are far away from Nazism, while the western media and the socialist media houses in India keep on crying foul at the slightest spark.

The Muslim community has its own ideological issues that are gnawing them from within and making the larger part of their population unacceptable everywhere let alone India.

Instead of focussing on the Muslims, we need to first discipline the Hindus. Which means we need to start with the Hindus first. Re-inventing the Indian polity cannot be done by the BJP which has no credible ideological discipline apparent. RSS stands in a better position to train the young minds and push them ahead with certain ideas of the social cohesion which we as Hindus need and then we need most importantly stick to the RSS ideologies to deliver a unified polity.

The BJP has transformed itself into another offshoot of the Congress and by garlanding Ambedkar, even the RSS did so, there is a lot of ideological confusion in the right wing of Indian politics.

This needs to be cleaned and the status-quoist stand of the BJP needs a radical shift.

After-all we never had a real revolution in India in the strictest sense of the term, and Narendra Modi is no revolutionary.

Atal ji was a revolutionary, and after him the BJP is in dire need of a revolutionary since they landed up becoming the saffronised version of the Congress chasing power and pelf, running a scheme as envisaged by the materialist westerners.

Self-sufficiency is not a goal, yet economic imperialism of the Americans and the Europeans is the goal.

Performing social change is not the priority but preserving the Socialist feeble state in the form of this polity is the norm.

The present Constitution is not which fits the original idea of a nation state described and founded on the Hindu Jagat Guru ideology, yet the BJP still fits itself in the mould instead of radicalising a change and doing greater social experiments.