The Secular Paradox & Owaisi

This author simply wonders why was Jinnah so vexed when he left India and moved out to Pakistan. The answer lies in the rise of persons like Owaisi and Badaruddin, and Peace Party.

The pill of secularism gets easily dissolved within the Hindu and Christian folks who choose to rebel against the straight jacket regimes of their families, but when it comes to Muslims the cult is different.

In a pluralist society like that of India, Islamists and Muslims get the leverage to voice their bigotry against the rest of the world as if there exists a mini Pakistan or mini Afghanistan within the political boundaries of India. This populace is often defined and dominated by the backwardness of the Shariat and the flamboyance of a modern Indian claiming to be secular which translates into sickular since it means attack on the pluralist culture of the Indian nation in itself.

Today when Owaisi and Co visit and contest the Muslim dominated seats in Bengal, Bihar, UP & Maharashtra, they are branded as being in hand in gloves with the BJP though we tend to neglect the fact that Owaisi defense the UPA in 2008 during the withdrawal of support by the Left Front to the UPA after the Indo-US nuclear deal.

It is not a very remote and transclusent idea that zealots and bigots dominate the helm of affairs in the Islamic community living in India, and out of their backward intent they have never moved forward despite secular governments ruling in all the states where Owaisi stakes claim.

Therefore when today Owaisi tries to reach out to the #FrustratedMussalaman in India in successive elections , it simply means carving out a Pro-Jinnah and Pro-Islamist space for him and his adherents which no Constitutionalist/ Secularist would intend to impose on the anyone.

It is with these intentions that this author believes that when UP, Bengal, and other states vote then the Mussalmaan and other secularists would consolidate behind the traditional claimants from the secularist brigade choosing to reject the aggressive Hindutva push of the BJP.