This Is A Defunct System

We live in a perfect nation with all the right arguments, debates and issues doing justice to the electoral activity that happens in this nation. Further we live in a perfect theocratic world where mini theocracies administer their own spheres of activity, all are dominated collectively by money, the most powerful ingredient of all.

Today, all the conundrum that is happening around us pushes many weird men like this author to wonder as to what have those at the helm of affairs in this system been doing ever since 1947?

The emotions that the author may have to express would best suit the vocabulary of the streets, due to certain interventions regarding language censorship, this author would like to keep this note very subtle and simple:-

This author wishes to know from all those people who are today seeing there near dear ones giving in to the weaknesses of this system that is unable to provide for basic healthcare facilities even after so many years since we fought the foreign yoke out of this land of geniuses,that whether this system is exactly what they are looking out for, or their parents wanted it to be?

This author also would want to know whether if we believe in destiny then are we blind to accept that despite our destiny being unknown, our consecutive leaders have just been so grossly selfish, that today we are left with nothing very logical to argue about but say that yes we built hospitals, oh no we didn’t, okay then we will bring someone else to power, is it evident that none of them LEADERS exercised their freewill along with their IAS, PCS and other staff only to push us all to live obliging our unknown destinies?

Is it rocket science to all of you that our judiciary is also a weak and a delusional organisation full of people who just pass orders couched in rich vocabulary but in the safe confines funded by the luxuries of this defunct system!

Is it hard to accept that today our fellow countrymen are begging and pleading for the lives of their Kith and kin before these scum we nurture in our society, known as Sarkar, Sarkaari naukar, Nyayadhish? To what ends? To be at the mercies of such shallow men to decide the fates of our Kith and kin?

Are we serious? Are we here?

What’s the solution? Begging from the Capitalist that sees money even in the times of death? Okay see the medical bills anywhere, now are we blind to accept that the system is like a gun with an over sized barrel?

Look at the media, what do you need 40 channels spreading the same filth 40 times in a day, what for, TRP ratings and revenue!

Still not there, okay go see your Facebook, or Twitter or Instagram, what’s it selling? Faecal material it appears to this author when we are to deal with such delicate and passionate matters that concern the future of our nation and the generations waiting to be born.

We don’t need a Gandhi this time who builds us points, we need something radical and revolutionary.

Somebody that stands up to this status quo that has been going on ever since 1947.

Look at the pages of history, our people have guts to tolerate immense defecation activity at the hands of this system that developed diarrhoea in 1951 itself.

How long before real change begins with you and me?