Too Much of Political Will: Policy Hysteria

We all remember the 2014 campaign of Narendra Modi ji, where he uprooted the UPA and the Congress by using a simple slogan policy paralysis and lack of political will.

Today, it is the same time when we saw the protesters at Shaheen Bagh sitting, which was purely based on fears implanted by the Opposition, but then are the farmers sitting for no reason? It is very obvious, rather a common place idea that when corporates will play a bigger role in acquisition of agri-produce and will get a free hand to market the same and process it, then the cost of living will go up by levels that shall be slow, but unprecedented.

It is not always lack of political will, but the Congress had a trend that still exists, and that is “manage ho jaega”, so in reality there is just the cover and the brand along with its propaganda that has changed but the insides are still the same. Now, when we talk about Vote Banks, the idea that surrounds this politics is the genesis of democracy in India.

We have seen the Modi government take good decisions, and the methods of working are similar to that of the Congress, yet, in the experiences of both the regimes one thing has been observed, whenever there is too much of political will in exercise, the rule of law vanishes and autocratic institutions assume form, things go from rational to irrational, and results have been seen during the implementation of Mandal Commission report, and now they are apparent in the form of protests against the Farm Laws.

Too much of political will has always been toxic, but nobody hs ever wondered why did Nehru and his policies failed, why did Indira Gandhi had to impose an emergency, and why all the governments of the day have to behave like semi-autocratic governments, and then repent their decisions.

The Indian society needs the tinge of Socialism because life in the world’s second largest population which is undergoing a shift in the ideological contours of its people from being less materialist to more materilaist and consumerism oriented still warrants mechanisms to make the cost of lives easy.

Education, and even noted senior journalist today highlighted that how Narendra Modi ji became the first PM to realise that the healthcare system of the nation is in shatters, in the same way public transportation, and basic amentities, public sanitation and hygiene are all not doing very well. It does not warrant more investment but it certainly demands more connect with the national lifestyle, and there has to be a cause, which may have many definitions, but it has one conclusion, that Indians all share a common ancestry and a civilisational connect.

This spirit will make less dislillusioned leaders, if we educate and train comrades in a very healthy manner. Today like the past we have policy hysteria, and then too much of political will comes at the cost of detriment to the lives of the common man.

How are we to differentiate between the British and the Indian rulers when all have the same perspective, that is heavy handedness and mercurial attributes!

Excess of everything is bad, so is excessive political will in motion.