Toxic Secularism

We have been ingrained with ideas of secularism throughout the ages, and when we set out to explore the secularism it is more of bashful rejection of the Hindu beliefs and aspirations in this country.

None of the political parties and movements ever dared to think that when the Congress accepted Jinnah and his two nation theory, then the kind of modernism and freedom all the Hindus had envisioned was a silent promise. The horrors of the violent riots to which the Congress turned a blind eye and none of the Hindu politicians could dare to protect, was the idea that led to a chaotic social order where Hindus find it tough to live in.

The secular state has further allowed forced proselytising in various parts of the country and muted response towards the minorities as well. The minorities have been vivisected as a distinct class where adherents of socialism have used the minority politics to further dissect the people and prove to the Hinduind that you are wrong if you assert your identity.

Narendra Modi ji, also is practicing the same toxic secularism, and the media is not reporting many things that aim at educating and building a popular right wing movement, but are just using the TRP to create winds for political gain.

None of the parties are working for the exclusive reorientation of the society as a whole. The RSS has lost the grip it had, the VHP and the Hindu Mahasabha are just mute spectators.

The revolution of Bharat and it’s people has never been a reality, and the toxic secularism is found to be echoing in the intelligentsia who bow down to the assertiveness of the Christians and Muslims.

The BJP is playing with all the same set of identities that exist politically, just like the Congress. The incidents that come to the fore are many for example the BJP has not objected to the Catholicisation of Andhra under Jagan Mohan Reddy, nor dors the BJP have any idea as to why Hindu temples are to be run and owned by the State!

The BJP has banned triple talaq but instead they should first bring in a Muslim Code Bill if they cannot implement a Uniform Civil Code. The UCC in short will deny the identities associated with religion and caste, since they don’t have the cadre base, a movement for the same, they cannot bring the toxic secularism to the end.

The method in which dialogue with the proponents of the toxic secularists takes shape and the acceptability of turn coats from other political parties is another feature of continuation of the toxic secularism by the BJP.

The toxic secularism has to be countered on all fronts by using the ideas of Atal ji who did not rely on blind propaganda but solid negotiation and social change which led to the rise of the BJP. The entire system is toxic secularist and needs a change.

The idea has to be that why Hindus are not the favourite citizens and why are minorities being treated like the favourite child? Why in the larger scheme of things only the beliefs of all the mean and shallow illiterate socialists loom large even today, and why the propaganda creates the extreme amount of hatred? Why are we still not accepting that India deserves to be a Hindu nation first then anything else!