“True Politics is Increasing Human Satisfaction”- JP Narayan

It is after deep thought this author realised why did Atal ji create a unique form of government and why he was unable to manage his downfall, it was the guilt laden daddu, Narendra Modi who led to the downfall of the first government that would have given the evolution that we need in our Bharat today.

The political culture that emerged after the rise of UPA-1 and the turn the regional parties took was a policy of divide and rule. This policy was backed by minority dominated majoritarian politics and of course mismanagement and squandering of public funds. The society hasn’t yet developed.

It is a feature of the Indian people, that they don’t go out spilling blood in their pursuit of satisfaction from the State, but, in 2014, there was a wave of change and the faith and trust in the brand Narendra Modi. His sins were forgiven and he was blessed with 2 chances in a row. Yet, this author feels, when an avuncular and a wise man like daddu Modi can fail in delivering on his promises, then we need an evolution first.

The RSS after Golwalkar sahab and then subsequent socialist movements inspired by Lohia ji and JP Babu chose to desert idealism, and it is men like them who are known as theoretical politicians. Actually, we need philosopher kings to be able to rule the people, in the context of the modern day complex instrumentality and utility of the State. It turned out that Mr. Modi, though belonging to a humble background did not care enough to educate himself on well reasoned principles of governance and the best of all the socialism.

The need of socialism in today’s world is more than ever since we are promoting stark inequality in our society to offer avenues of employment over giving employment. The concept of a universal basic income and economic disparities is one of the toughest goals given the fact that the people from various faiths and beliefs need to be woven into a fabric that makes a society.

If we all trace down our origins then we all were once a part of the Hindu civilisation, though we accept any culture today or belief, and even if we deny civilisational origins then we are all humans, a simple divine or material experiment of the nature!

Every single issue that our parties both, national and regional contest elections on can be resolved if we as a people and a society dare to evolve. We don’t have Gandhi or JP Babu among us today, but his disciples who believe in their principles in letter and spirit must work to build a better society first.

There has to be evolution, more importantly otherwise governments will come and go, and no issues will be solved to offer our citizens the platform to realise their true self, this author feels Aristotle or Plato and even Chanakya or Machiavelli would agree and Marx would still say socialism is the only feature of the society that binds all men together.