Why we need a Strong Opposition

We have had days of giving an eyes blink to the ruling party at the Center. We see how imperfect they can be, and how imperfect was the Congress.

What do we find in our Opposition today? We find the moral and political integrity in our leaders of the Opposition today so that we grow as a democracy.

Why do we need to grow as a democracy is a very simple question since it does not involve an answer that is hard to find. India is a land of divergent and variety of people belonging to different ideas. All these ideas need to be held together and taught the rule of ‘co-existence’ because with the law of co-existence there comes the rule of eternal democracy.

Without eyerbal democracy our land will be not governed by Hindu principles. Hindu principles simply mean assimilation of all view points and emergence of the middle path . India is a land essentially belonging to Hindus, and all other belief sets that are prevailing here just co-exist with the all assimilative a Hindu pantheon.

A democracy based on Oriental values means pure democracy which is distinct from the concept of the Romans but follows the Universalism of the soul.

That is one reason we need an Opposition that balances all the scales of human view point today. The views will have to get assimilated in a pantheon known as the Hindu way of life permitting all to grow .

The Hindu remains the sole and the first tiller of the Indian soil. This the Opposition/ third front has to be led by a popular face that reflects these values.