Questioning the Status Quo

Not everything that is in place today, or has been certified by the wisdom of the ancients is worth observance like a passionate zealot.

When there is ample chaos running around a man, and that chaos becomes the base of suffering and injustice, all those who remain anxious and vexed about it but don’t make the effort to change things, all are guilty and deserve to be held as co-accused in the wrath of inflicted upon other men.

Injustice is born out of the lack on the part of those who are appointed to provide just and amicable life conditions to the people who appoint them.

We all are humans, and we know as a matter of fact that it is the nature of the things to evolve even if it comes at cost of destruction of the past, so that the future is built beautifully. We certainly must live in the moment, but must never ditch conscious action as a dutiful service to our future.

Today whatever is happening it is the status quo, and if we don’t question the same and stand up to it, then how will there be any change?

Mute spectators never harbour justice, active warriors who stand up to the truth deliver justice.