After all has been said and done!

Everything thing, every relationship, and every thought comes with an expiry date. This is in vary layman terms the truth of this Universe.

This author relates to how in Dhamma Pitaka Gautama the Buddha goes on to say that all that surrounds us in this realm is marred by temporariness.

This comes out to be true for this entire conundrum that we live in. After everything is said and done, there is no point in stretching any particularity to the extent that it becomes a source of sorrows and with sorrows lays the foundation of anger and madness.

It is very well written that anger often is followed by insanity and devastation. Any particularity that reaches its conclusions in terms of human understanding and knowledge is to be concluded as peacefully as it can be.

If the particularity isn’t concluded, it must be pushed into the well of faith, so that it meets it’s own fate with time, or otherwise, it begins to ruin the bliss of the person that is at the center of the conundrum.

After all is said and done, the particularity does not have to have any impressions upon the person, rather it must be dealt with as a simple and passing thought because someone simply wants provocation, and the provocation will cause troubles to the disadvantage of the person that is the person in the midst of all this.

The world will go on to show up moments when you will feel like responding to any particularity after all has been said and done at that moment it is wise to sit back and let the eventuality unfurl itself rather catalysing it or responding to its negativity.