It is sometimes the turn of events perhaps that shapes the future course of action!

Or it is simple human-like considerations that drive our desires to action.

Or, that’s the Divine will at play which paves the way and we walk on it!

All the above is not known to us, and there are possibilities that many a times what transpires is also not known to us, yet we need to find answers, because it is the inquisitive human brain that makes us think, think and think what, why and how of everything!

It is rarely a man comes to meet with the abyss and then there is absolutely nothing one might do about it.

The entire gamut of spiritual literature points out to only one thing, the Almighty, who is actually in charge, yet we think, what, why and how!

Clueless, flirting with the abyss we wander and wonder what we are, who we are and where we are!

Clueless, in a war with the abyss we rebel why us, what now, and where to!

That’s what is the clueless man does all time, a puppet at the hands of the time, Mahakal!

Clueless walking each day, breathing every minute and wondering what’s next!

Clueless waiting for the pyre to ignite us into the reality of this world, CHANGE.