The Fool

This author has had the foolishness to understand that he was wise, somewhere 5 years ago, therefore this treatise on a fool and their paradise needs to be brought to light today.

Some people, when they are driven by their lower natures and influences gathered from everywhere, begin to act smart, and feel as if they have all the powers vested in them to win wars.

Some people forget that a sensible person never trusts easy and discloses the information which is inaccurate. The Fool those people are known as. Since they tend to act on the impulse that tells them their enemy is weak, and they tend to act to give their blows, which make them caught in the maze and illusion created by their even foolish adversary.

The people who act in their grips, the grips of their lower natures often commit inevitable mistakes that make them loose the gamble they play to win applauses back at their places or for any reason that has its roots in cherished worldly aims.

The Fool, always looses and the even more foolish adversary wins eventually.

Unfortunately, the Fool realises that they were just foolish folks, playing at the hands of a more foolish adversary.